The fiction of our memory

While working on my last e-book The Matrix Of Conflict – - I’ve encountered again the work of Memory scholar Elisabeth Loftus.

Loftus proves in her pioneering work that the human memory is a dynamic thing – changes in order that we’ll have a feeling of coherency.

Here’s a link to a lecture she’d given in a TED global lecture:

During conflicts, we relay on our memories even more. It’s survival supporting, at least in Mother Nature’s eyes, to have our memory at our immediate disposal so we’ll be able to use in order to understand FAST what to do.

If the human memory is not as trustable as we would like to think, let alone in conflicts when our whole perception is tilted, how does that affect our conflict resolution and management abilities?

To summer it this idea, in Loftus’s own words: “Most people cherish their memories,” says Loftus. “But I know from my work just how much fiction is already in there.”

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